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La Tienda, a Colombian restaurant located in Windsor. Serving traditional, authentic Colombian food and drinks. Serving much-loved favourites like empanadas, Arepas, Bandeja Paisa, Ajiaco, Mondongo, Sancocho, Sudados, Picadas (platters) and Cazuelas. A range of imported beverages like Aguardiente, Colombia beers, Pony Malta, Postobon products and juices like Lulo. Giving Colombians and anyone that has visited Colombia, feel like they are in Colombia. We transcend and take you to Colombia. Our friendly staff, food, drinks, music and our decorative installations allows us to be one of a kind. Not only in Melbourne but Australia.

The Restaurant

A Colombian Experience

We set out to create a menu with nostalgia at its heart, We have created a hub of familiar sights, smells, sounds and flavours. We are here to cure nostalgic urges when we think of Colombian food, but also provide to anyone who loves trying new tastes or who have fond memories of travelling in Colombia.




It is the signature dish and the most popular in Colombia. Originally from the Antioquia region where the people are called "Paisas" and the area where I was born. If I could choose my last meal before I die, it would be this one. Bandeja Paisa includes beans, white rice, chicharron crispy fried pork belly, premium minced beef, Colombian chorizo, fried egg, ripe plantain, avocado and arepa.

De Frijoles

Served with beans, diced chicharron (crispy pork belly), Colombian chorizo chopped, ripe plantains, corn, potato crisps & chopped avocado.



Made with topside beef, chicken, potato, yuca (Casava), vegetables in a delicious sauce and accompanied with rice and a slide of avocado.

De Mariscos

Creamy based seafood stew made with a combination of seafood and coconut milk.


Mondongo is made with pork, beef stock and with a lot of cilantro (coriander). Many vegetables such as peas, carrots and onion are used to flavour the beef stock. Salt and pepper, along with corn, are used in the soup for extra flavoring. The tripe used for this soup is beef tripe. The dish is a signature dish in every home in the Andean zone of Colombia.


A thick, flavourful and hearty soup, almost a stew, made with root vegetables, corn chicken and beef, along with spices and herbs. Served with rice and avocado. Sancocho always coincided with a celebration with friends and family.


Is made with chicken and three kinds of potatoes, corn and a herb called guascas. This herb gives the soup a wonderful flavour. For our family, Ajiaco is a feel-good comfort food.


Whole deep fried Pink Snapper, served with coconut rice, deep fried "Patacon" (banana plantain) and avocado. This dish is very typical in the Atlantic coast of Colombia

What our customers say

  • Thanks guys your food taste just like granny's foods. In my opinion best Colombian food in Melbourne. My fav obviously empanadas!
  • I can't be happier than I am and this is because La Tienda took me back to my home. Outstanding food that you shouldn't skip.
  • Amazing ! Been hanging out for traditional and authentic Colombian street food since I returned last year. My friends and I were recently brought back to the beaches of Cartagena and bustling city of Medellin. Staff were amazingly friendly and warm, premises is very clean and food is fresh and filling.
  • I love La Tienda because the service by the Colombian staff is great, always with a smile and willing to make you feel at home. The menu is quite traditional, and it combines well a sought after dishes by Colombians but that anyone enjoys, the patacombo is a great entree, don't miss the empanadas or picada, perhaps the ajiaco o bandeja paisa. The obleas are my favourite dessert. And the cocktails are very authentic. Nice place to have a relaxed dinner, with salsa tunes and not pretentious at all!
  • Best Colombian food in Melbourne 🇨🇴 Great flavours and delicious dishes. My favourite is the empanadas and bandeja paisa 🤤 So glad they have stayed open during the pandemic. Keep up the good work guys 🙌🏼

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